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What is the size of LATMAT Jump?
LATMAT Jump is an oversized mat that rolls up easily. The dimensions are: 110cm x 220cm x 0.8cm or 43" x 86.5" x 0.3"
How do you clean LATMAT Jump?
Lightly spray with water, wipe with a towel and then air dry before rolling up.
Is my LATMAT Jump easy to use anywhere?
Yes, you can use LATMAT Jump indoors or outdoors. It works well on tile, hardwoods, carpet, cement, grass, or sand.
Are there any workouts provided with LATMAT Jump?
Yes, you have access to live online classes or a library of hundreds of workouts on-demand.
What are the best workouts to use with LATMAT Jump?
LATMAT Jump is very versatile so workouts like HIIT, weight training, plyo, cross training, crossfit, yoga, stretching, any platform works great.
What surfaces work best on LATMAT Jump?
LATMAT Jump is resilient and it can be used on tile, cement, carpet, hardwoods, grass, sand.
How do I access workouts?
Go to www.fitvds.com to access workouts.
How thick is LATMAT Jump
LATMAT Jump is 8mm or 0.3" thick which is over 30% thicker than most exercise mats.
How do I return or replace my LATMAT Jump?
Contact us at support@latmatjump.com and we will make sure you are completely satisfied. You will need an RMA number in order to return your LATMAT Jump.
Will you offer discount codes?
Absolutely, sign up to our newsletter and you will get a discount code.

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