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LatMat Jump

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LATMAT Jump is more than the next-generation exercise mat. You get everything you need to take advantage to push your limits.
  • Focus on proper form and technique
  • Execute a variety of exercise types such as agility training, stretching, cross-training, and more
  • Premium-level materials and build quality
  • No more slipping or tripping
  • Amazing shock absorption
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LatMat Jump

LatMat Jump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Heather Blanchard
I absolutely love this mat!

I absolutely love this mat! Ive been in the yoga and fitness business as an Instructor for nearly 20 years, and this is the best May Ive ever bought. Its size allows me to do any kind of workout on it - from plyometrics, to cross training, weight training or yoga. Its cushioning is so absorbent that Im confident my joints are protected while exercising, and I never slip. Cant recommend this enough to my friends and clients!

Andrew Hecker
5 stars for 5 reasons!

5 stars for 5 reasons! (1) the size: longer and wider than any other mat I've used, (2) the lines: easy to set and repeat challenging positions for increased flexibility and strength, (3) the available training: the inventor features the mat in all her video workouts and she is a GREAT trainer, (4) the cushioning: soft to absorb the pounding of a workout, but not fragile, (5) the service: arrived quickly in professional packaging with care instructions. Would definitely buy again.

Very large

Very large, thick high quality mat ! I love it!!

Lauren Isett
The LatMat is a GAME CHANGER

For the first time I can do body weight drills without my joints and back hurting due to the thickness of the LatMat. My form is improved since I can align my body to the lines and numbers on the LatMat during weight lifting, cardio and body weight sets. I can push myself when doing cardio drills with the numbering system. The LatMat is large and promotes safety because you can do all kinds of exercise drills while staying on the mat vs being on and off different surfaces with smaller mats. It's durable, easy to clean, roll up and store. The LatMat is a GAME CHANGER and worth the money spent!

We LOVE this mat!

We LOVE this mat! The best part about it is it's versatility! We enjoy doing a variety of workouts, and the markings on the mat make it perfect for agility training, yoga, and just about any strength workout. We also love the cushioning on this mat, the inside is made of an awesome, supportive material! Our previous mat slipped a ton on our carpeting, and this one stays put, which is exactly what we needed in our workout space. Highly recommend!

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